With Kunder Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Total Quality Management is 'Faith' by itself which is so very diligently followed at every level of production. Every employee at all levels is fully involved in maintaining and improving the quality control. Department is headed by Dr. Prem Pandit –B.Sc., B.Sc (Tech), Ph.D(Leeds). Dr. Pandit was a member of UNIDO’s Dye’s Panel and has established several plants in number of countries. All Pigment Plants of Kunder Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. are finest creation of Dr. Pandit- tallest Pigment Expert.

All Phthalocyanine products produced by the company are PCB (Polychlorite Biphenol) and Dioxine free. As regards to heavy metals it meets all the international parameters such as EINICS, etc.

The Company has been receiving Quality and Export Awards regularly.

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